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The efficiency of cars has increased considerably in recent years, partly because we have become aware of how important efficiency is. Driving an efficient car is better for the environment, it’s better for the country, and it’s better for your wallet. Driving a poorly tuned car can drop your efficiency by 10% or more.

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An EcoTune Can Make a Difference

When we inspect your car for an EcoTune, we will make all the minor adjustments necessary to ensure your car is running as efficiently as possible, from tuning up the engine to using high efficiency motor oil to inflating the tires.

If we detect a serious problem with your car, such as problems with the emissions system, your efficiency might have dropped by a quarter or more. Even if your car is just out of tune, you may have seen an efficiency drop of up to 10%.

Vehicle Efficiency for the Environment

A more efficient vehicle is a benefit to the environment, the country, and to you.

An inefficient vehicle burns its fuel less effectively, which increases the amount of toxic gasses that come out of the tailpipe. These gasses are bad for everyone, including you, and including the environment. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, and nitrous or nitric gasses (NOx) are toxic chemicals that are emitted by your car.

VOCs are poisonous and can cause cancer. They poison the air and water. Carbon monoxide is an acute poison that reduces your body’s ability to take in oxygen. NOx combines with water in the air to make nitric acid, a major component of acid rain, and a nose and throat irritant. Although carbon monoxide and NOx can be neutralized by the catalytic converter in your car, the only thing that reduces the amount of VOCs reduced by your car is improving the efficiency of its combustion.

Learn more about what makes Auto Lab an eco-friendly shop.

Vehicle Efficiency for the Country

The United States is heavily dependent on foreign sources of oil, partly because of our love of cars. Although we import a lot of that oil from friendly neighbors like Canada and Mexico, the top five sources of imported oil include faraway Saudi Arabia, whose supply is vulnerable to geopolitical instability and may be subject to embargo. It also includes nations that have proven themselves hostile to us, like Russia and Venezuela.

Thanks in part to increasing vehicle efficiency, in 2012, the US only had net petroleum imports of 40%, the lowest level since 1991. To keep reducing our dependence on foreign oil, we want to keep our cars tuned and running efficiently.

Vehicle Efficiency for Your Wallet

An EcoTune will typically pay for itself. The exact results of your EcoTune will depend on the state of your car, but for example let’s consider a car that has dropped in efficiency from 35 mpg to 30 mpg. Over the 3000 miles of driving, the car uses about 16 gallons more of gasoline in its poorly tuned state than in its properly tuned state. At $4 a gallon, that gas costs $64, which is almost the cost of an EcoTune, which also includes an oil change that would cost you at least $20.

Keep track of your car’s mileage and efficiency. If you notice it drop, it may be time for an EcoTune.

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