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What Belts Do in Your Engine

Your engine isn’t just one machine, it’s many machines working together to do everything your engine needs to do, which includes not just producing power for the wheels, but also powering all the additional systems in your engine. Your timing belt and serpentine belt tie these systems together to ensure they are working in harmony. Proper timing is essential to the smooth functioning of your engine.

Belts also transfer energy in your engine, taking it from the crankshaft to the other systems in your engine.

The Timing Belt

The timing belt ensures that the valves and pistons in your engine are working together properly. Each cylinder in your engine has two valves, an intake and an exhaust valve. Your intake valve should be open during the intake stroke, and the exhaust valve should be open during the exhaust stroke, and both should be closed during the compression and power stroke. If your valves are open at the wrong time, the piston could hit them, causing them to bend or break, which may make the cylinder cease to function and can be expensive to fix.

Timing belts should be replaced as part of scheduled maintenance, if they have signs of wear, or if they are making noise.

The Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt transfers power from the crankshaft, which is turned by the pistons, to your alternator, AC, power steering, power brakes, and other systems in the engine. This allows your car’s gasoline motor to provide electrical power, recharge the battery, and keep other systems running. If your serpentine belt breaks, it’s likely your car won’t run at all.

To prevent breaking, serpentine belts should be replaced according to the maintenance schedule, if they show signs of wear or degradation, or if they are making noise.

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