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Our car runs on fluids, including gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and others. Maintaining the proper levels of fluid that is fresh and in good condition is essential to keeping your car running properly. Failure to maintain proper fluid levels can lead to system failure and may damage your car.

At Auto Lab, we can check and fill all the fluids in your car to make sure it is ready to drive. We will check for leaks and fix them if they need attention. Please call ​us or schedule an appointment at our Englewood, CO location.

Oil Checks and Changes

Oil is the most common fluid we think of in our car. It lubricates the engine and ensures that the car’s parts don’t grind. It begins as a translucent brown color, but changes to a more opaque black during use. Over time and with adverse wear, the oil can break down and lose its protective properties, which is why regular changes are necessary. Low oil levels, which can be caused by leaks, may lead to engine damage.


Gasoline is a thin, mostly clear liquid. It will evaporate quickly, so you may not see much liquid around, but you might see residue from the evaporated drips. You will also notice the distinctive smell. Gasoline leaks are serious because they can lead to fires or explosions.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid begins a bright red and is translucent, but with use it may turn darker brown or even black if it’s been damaged by heat. It starts with a sweet smell, but may have a burnt smell due to heat damage. See the transmission repair page for more information.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is clear and slightly thicker than most fluids in your engine. Low brake fluid levels may impair the function of your car’s brakes. For more information on brake fluid, see the brake system repair page.

Radiator Fluid

Radiator fluid, also called antifreeze, is greenish in color and has a sweet smell. Typically, your car has a half-and-half mix of antifreeze and water, but the proportions may change if your car has a leak and you top it off with water. The proper ratio of water and antifreeze is important to maintaining a functional cooling system. See radiator and cooling system repairs for more information.

Wiper Fluid

Wiper fluid is generally blue and thin, like water. The smell varies with manufacturer. If you want to know what yours smells like, squirt your windshield.

At Auto Lab in Englewood, CO, we can check all the fluids in your car and make sure they are in good shape for performing their essential functions. We will also check for leaks. For oil and other fluid service, please schedule an appointment online.

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