Englewood Auto Repair

Q?How much could I improve efficiency with an EcoTune?

We can’t say how much your car could improve until we’ve seen what the problems are. Minor car problems can contribute to a 7-10% decrease in efficiency. More major problems could decrease your efficiency by 25% or more. See EcoTune for more information.

Q?My car failed emissions. Can you get it fixed quickly?

We know you’re under time pressure for this repair, and we can tell you honestly and up-front whether we will be able to get it repaired in the necessary time. See Emission Failure Diagnostics for more information.

Q?My car’s exhaust looks or smells different than it used to. What’s wrong?

Your car’s exhaust is a sign of the health of your car. If your car’s exhaust changes, there’s likely a problem in how it’s running. See Muffler and Exhaust Services for more information.

Q?What is leaking out of my car? Will it make my car stop working?

There are many fluids in your car’s engine, and most of them are vital to its function. If you have a leak, you should try to get it fixed. See Oil and Fluid Services for more information.

Q?My “Check Engine” light came on. Should I be worried?

The check engine light is a warning that something is wrong with your car, but it may not be a major problem. The irony of the check engine light is that it often comes on to save you from a major repair, but people worry too much about what it might mean and don’t take their car in promptly, leading to the very problems it seeks to avoid. See Dash Warning Light Diagnostics for more information.

Q?My AC comes on, but it isn’t giving much cool air. What’s the problem?

You could have lost pressure in your AC, be low on coolant, or have a problem with the compressor or expansion valve. See Air Conditioning and Heating Repair for more information.

Q?My car keeps overheating, but the radiator is full. What could be the problem?

There are many components in your radiator system that can contribute to a failure, such as a faulty pump or thermostat. See Radiator/Cooling System Repair for more information.

Q?My brakes are constantly making noise. Do they need service?

Occasional squeaking when you brake may be normal, but constant noise is not. Neither is pulling to the side when braking, pulsing of the brake pedal, erratic or slow braking. See Brake System Repair Services for more information.

Q?I’ve been told my car needs a major transmission repair. What should I do?

With transmission repair, as with any other expensive repair, you should get a second opinion before authorizing repairs. There are many potential causes for things that might seem like transmission problems. See transmission repair for more information.

Q?Will taking my car to a non-dealer shop for scheduled maintenance violate my warranty?

No. You can take your car to any certified shop for conducting your scheduled maintenance. However, skipping scheduled maintenance might violate your warranty. See Scheduled maintenance for more information.

Q?Is it really important to replace my timing belt according to schedule?

Yes. A timing belt failure could be one of the worst things to happen to your car. Not only will your car break down, but it may lead to costly additional repairs. See Timing belt and serpentine belt replacement for more information.

Q?What makes Auto Lab different from other auto repair shops?

At Auto Lab, we believe we are different because of three major reasons: a data-driven approach to diagnosis and repair, an environmentally-friendly approach, and the attitude of our founder, Certified Master Technician Jason Colson. Jason is dedicated to providing every person with a high-performance repair, and he is dedicated to treating customers honestly and openly. See About Us for more information.

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