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About Us

About Us Englewood

Auto Lab is not just our name, it’s a description of our scientific and data-driven approach to car repair. Our Certified Master Technician, Jason Colson, has a lifetime of experience working on cars, and he combines that experience with the latest advances in technology to ensure your car is getting the right repair every time.

We Listen to You First

Nobody knows your car like you do. You spend hours a day in your car. You know its noises. You know its rhythms. You know all the little things that separate it from all of the millions of other cars out there on the road. So you are also the first to notice if something is going wrong.

We will start collecting data by listening to you describe what you’ve noticed. Then we’ll begin collecting data to explain what’s going on.

Precise Measurements

Next, we will take precise measurements of your car’s status. Everything that can be measured will be measured so that we can pin down exactly what might be wrong with your car. For some things, like fluid leaks, where precise measurements are not possible, we have an in-house standard that allows for immediate understanding among our technicians and helps us communicate the exact state of your car.

Predictive Approach

A car is a machine, and it performs numerous actions repetitively, resulting in precisely predictable wear in many cases. We can often let you know, based on the current state of your car, including its mileage and state of wear, when breakdowns might occur before they happen.

This allows you to get your car fixed preventively so you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road, needing the same repair (or worse) with a tow and missed work thrown into the bargain.

Recommendations and Priorities

Once we have figured out what repairs your car needs or might need, we don’t try to sell you. We just present a list of recommendations that is prioritized according to their importance. You make the final decision about what should or should not be done.

Comprehensive Estimates

Everything in your repair is included in the estimate, including parts, labor, fluids, and tax. There will be no surprises when your final bill comes.

Precise Repair

Every repair on your car will be performed by a technician who is certified to conduct that repair. No one is practicing on your car. We will also make sure that any concerns you may have about your car have been addressed by our repairs. You will leave our shop with your car performing exactly the way you want it to.

To learn more about what makes Auto Lab different, please give us a call at either of our two Englewood shop locations.

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