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Dustin Jorgensen | Autolab

Dustin Jorgensen

Dustin was born in Portland, Oregon. He graduated with a degree in Automotive Technology from Salt Lake Community College along with an Applied Science degree from Utah State University. He is certified as an A-1 and A-9 Master Technician. He previously worked at Lab Scope, to do advanced diagnostics on hybrid vehicles. He has over 15 years of experience and has worked on all brands and models including diesels. He is happily married and he has two dogs. He likes outdoor activities, fishing and camping. His main goal is make money.

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Jason | Autolab


Every great business begins with a passion. As a son of a race car driver, Jason Colson’s passion was ignited as a young boy working in the pits at Bandimere Speedway on his father’s race car. Jason went on to become a Certified Master Technician expertly servicing a full-spectrum of vehicles with a focus on Japanese & European models. His ultimate

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Sheila | Autolab


Sheila is our veteran shop dog. She was adopted by the Colson family a few years ago when she wondered into their yard with nowhere to go. She does a great job making our customers feel welcome and in always in the mood to play fetch. She’s shy at first, but give her a minute and she will be your

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Elliot Engle | Autolab

Elliot Engle

Elliot was born in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from University of Colorado Denver. Elliot also attended Denver Automotive and Diesel College School. As an ASE Master Technician he has experience working on imports for 1 year and also has 4 years of domestic working. He has a wife and he is a proud father of four daughters and two sons and a cat. He loves to go camping, climb and play with his kids. He went to Vietnam for 6 months to enjoy the foreign country. His main goal is to provide everything that is needed for his family.

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Jose E. Trujillo | Autolab

Jose E. Trujillo

Jose was born on Jan 29, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. Jose graduated from Bell High School and Wyoming Technical Institute. He is Factory-Trained and GM certified. He is a skilled ASE Master Certified Technician. He spent 19 years working in the automotive industry. He has two adorable boys, Max who is 20 years old and Jessie who is 9 years old. His hobby is to collect and shoot guns. He loves to spend time at the ranch with his family. His main motivation is a good challenge.

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Tyler | Autolab


Tyler was born on March 17, 1993 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He graduated from Piedra Vista High School in Farmington, NM. After he became ASE certified in August, he worked at Big O Tires for a year and a half, doing some basic automotive repairs including alignment, brakes and front-end work. He has been working with Autolab for a year now. He has one dog - Trixie, the Chihuahua and corn snake, named Joker. He is interested in drinking, snowboarding, as well as how to make money (his main motivation in life).

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Gustavo Delgado | Autolab

Gustavo Delgado

Gustavo was born on February 1, 1991 in Anaheim, California. He graduated with a degree in Automotive & Diesel Technology from Universal Technical Institute. He is skilled at engine repairs, fixing brakes, electric systems and heating and air conditioning repairs. With three years of professional work experience in automotive and two years’ worth of heavy duty trucks and trailers experience, he is a valuable team member. He has a wife and a dog and he is interested in camping, outdoor sports and automotive performance. His main motivations are family and success.

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Wylie Faris | Autolab

Wylie Faris

Wylie was born in Walsenburg, Colorado. Wylie has a K-12 High School Diploma. He studied Criminal Justice at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has over 20 years of experience in automotive industry, mostly sales and service. He also has some experience in gas and diesel. Him and his wife are proud parents of three kids and one lovely dog. He enjoys playing golf, but he considers himself a near scratch golf player. He also loves four-wheeling and spending time at the ranch.

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Dale Fraley | Autolab

Dale Fraley

Dale was born on October 14, 1966 in Denver, Colorado. He graduated successfully from Littleton Jr/Sr High School. He went on to graduate with a specialist degree in Computer Information Systems from Arapahoe Community College. He has several ASE certifications; however, he performs his best work when he is on his own. His hobbies are skydiving, mostly naked, and wrestling. He is great at fixing signs and his everyday motivation is breakfast (preferably sandwiches).

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